Our flagship Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system is earning praise for ease-of-use and flexibility.  Designed from the ground up for Virginia localities, ConciseCAMA is a fully-modern application built to IAAO and USPAP standards using Microsoft .NET technologies and an open Microsoft SQL Server database.  No more proprietary or inaccessible data. Contact us today for a demonstration.


Designed in conjunction with a licensed building inspector, ConcisePERMITS is built from the ground up to be EASY TO USE, while providing extremely flexible configuration capabilities, allowing it to fit perfectly into any locality's permitting workflow.

ConcisePERMITS directly integrates in real-time with ConciseCAMA, allowing instant sharing of critical data between real estate offices and building and zoning offices, while allowing each department to maintain full control of their own data.

Professional IT Services

Concise can provide full IT services in addition to our ConciseCAMA and ConcisePERMITS local government applications.  We have the skills and resources necessary to implement a full solution encompassing hardware, networking, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft SQL Server, along with our packaged software and custom applications.

Concise Systems is a Dell Registered Partner and can provide Dell servers, workstations, and networking equipment.


ConciseCAMA Computer Aided Mass Appraisal software


Our flagship software product, ConciseCAMAtm is making waves with real estate assessors for its power, flexibility, and modern design.

With optional support for the Marshall & Swift Cost Approach MSVPO cloud-based valuation engine, ConciseCAMA provides industry standard valuation calculations in conjunction with powerful time-saving administrative features.

Call us today to learn how ConciseCAMA can improve your real estate mass appraisal process and make life simpler for your office.


ConcisePERMITS Building and Zoning Permitting software


ConcisePERMITStm is our flexible and easy-to-use permit management software system, which integrates seamlessly in real-time with our ConciseCAMA real estate assessment system.  Concise Mobile Inspector is our companion touch-enabled tablet application for field inspection data collection.

With extremely flexible configuration options, ConcisePERMITS also works beautifully as a standalone system and can be integrated with existing CAMA and ERP applications,

Call us today to learn how ConcisePERMITS can enhance and simplify your permit management workflows and provide timely and accurate information to your office.