ConciseCAMAtm is our state-of-the-art CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) software system for local government assessment offices. Focused on the specific needs of Virginia localities, ConciseCAMA provides powerful features while keeping ease-of-use at the forefront.


Developed in conjunction with certified assessing officers, compliance with USPAP and IAAO standards is at the core of the ConciseCAMA system design. Based on software industry standards, including Microsoft SQL Server, ConciseCAMA is designed from the ground up to protect the interests of our customers.

Concise staff members have deep experience in software development, IT, GIS, CAD, and mapping applications. This unique perspective allows us to provide experienced implementation services that take into account the integration of ConciseCAMA system into the applications and network infrastructure that are already in place, instead of viewing the CAMA system as an isolated application.

Data is readily accessible for easy export to other municipal applications as needed for tax billing and collection, GIS, and other needs. 

ConciseCAMA supports Cost, Comparable Sales (Market), and Income valuation methods. Cost Approach valuations may be performed using our own cost approach valuation engine, or using the Marshall & Swift MVP Valuation Platform Commercial valuation engine. Concise is an Authorized Reseller for Marshall & Swift valuation data.

Public web access to valuation data is included using our integrated ConciseCAMA Web application. Concise can host the site for your locality, or assist in configuring it on an in-house server. Other departments can also use the ConciseCAMA Web site to access property information.

ConcisePERMITStm, our Building and Zoning permit management module is fully integrated with ConciseCAMA and allows real-time data sharing between departments, while each department maintains full control over their own data. Field inspection data is collected using our mobile, touch-enabled tablet app, which allows inspectors to create reports immediately while on-site.

Contact Concise Systems today at (540)776-1800 for more information or to arrange a demonstration of ConciseCAMA or ConcisePERMITS.

ConciseCAMA Screen

ConciseCAMA main screen