ConcisePERMITStm is our modern building and zoning permit management system designed specifically for small-to-medium sized localities. Designed from the ground up for ease of use, ConcisePERMITS can enhance and simplify your workflows while providing useful and timely information to your department.

ConcisePERMITS integrates in real-time with our ConciseCAMA real estate mass appraisal system to provide live ownership information for permit creation, while also notifying the real estate department about permit information for each parcel. Each department maintains full control over their own data, but bottlenecks in information sharing become a thing of the past. Without ConciseCAMA, ConcisePERMITS can be integrated with your existing CAMA and ERP systems.

The Concise Mobile Inspectortm is our touch-enabled tablet application for field inspection data collection. The tablet app provides inspectors with a simple, easy-to-use mobile tool that provides all of the needed permit and inspection history information, while allowing collection of inspection notes, photos, and inspection pass/fail status.

ConcisePERMITS is extremely flexible, with easy creation of custom data fields, inspection types, fees, standard inspection note text (boilerplate text for common findings for each inspection type), and much more.

With Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine, all of your data is readily accessible by users with appropriate permissions for reporting and export to other applications. In addition to a number of standard reports, ConcisePERMITS also includes a full-featured report designer.

Contact Concise Systems today at (540)776-1800 for more information or to arrange a demonstration of ConcisePERMITS or ConciseCAMA.

ConcisePERMITS Screen

ConcisePERMITS main screen